Friday, October 8, 2010


I don't think there is ever as much romance in the air as there is during autumn. It is the beginning of so much beauty. I love how the leaves in the wind and all of the amazing colors speak so powerfully of the glory of God. There is so much romance in the world around us and I think so often we miss it because we fail to see that God speaks through all things. I love thinking about love in the fall because it is just such a conducive setting.
As excited as I am about fall I have had a very rough start to this one and in my findings I realize that alot of other people question the same things I do and I am on a journey to find out why that is. Why is it that despite the amazing beauty in the world that so clearly speaks of the love of God, so many of us have come to the wrong conclusion that somehow that love is so far from our reach and have a difficultly opening up ourselves to it?
I don't have a solid answer yet but I do know that this is most untrue and that what I see in creation speaks of a great romantic love that does exist despite our inability to full accept the great grace before us, nonetheless it does...and for this I am most grateful.

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